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  • 13 June 2016
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I want, and need, to get list of tickets, agents, etc, with a method to get total list. Example: /tickets I get 30 tickets, if I want to know I need to call again and again same method, then count list. A better method is a resource, tickets/count, contacts/count, with filter option, or better in the same answer get: Tickets ['total' = 29, 'page' = 1, 'next_page' = ] for this specific view as Zendesk.

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2 replies

We don't have these APIs currently, but we do intend to build them (as a separate endpoint) later this year.

It is necessary to have the same method for tickets API, filters, views, etc. If I get all tickets, we need to get the same all tickets count. I.e.: /tickets [{...}] /tickets_count 1000 And with filter: /tickets?filter=watching [{...}] /tickets_count?filter=watching 150 ... Then I can make pagination and only request 30, page 1, etc. Thank you.