Automating Data Export in Freshdesk

  • 12 March 2023
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I'm currently using Freshdesk as my primary customer support platform and I need to export tickets on a regular basis for reporting purposes. However, manually exporting tickets can be time-consuming and tedious, especially when I need to export large amounts of data.

I'm wondering if it's possible to schedule export tickets in Freshdesk, and if so, how can I set up this feature? Are there any third-party tools or integrations that can help me automate this process?

Specifically, I'm interested in learning about the different scheduling options available in Freshdesk, such as daily, weekly, or monthly exports. How do I determine the best schedule for my needs and ensure that the exported data is up-to-date and accurate?

Additionally, I'm curious about the different export formats supported by Freshdesk, such as CSV, XLS, and PDF. How do I choose the right format for my reporting needs, and what are the benefits and limitations of each format?

Moreover, I'm interested in learning about the security and privacy measures in place for scheduled exports. How can I ensure that the exported data is protected and only accessible to authorized users?

Overall, I would appreciate any insights, tips, and best practices from other community members who have experience with scheduling export tickets in Freshdesk. Thank you in advance for your help!ūüôŹūüŹľ

3 replies

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Hi @caroljankins 


Greetings from Freshworks community! 


I understand that you would like to have a recurring Export of your tickets with a specific time interval. This can be achieved via Analytics in Freshdesk. You can use this option to schedule the export in Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis. This data will be received in CSV format via API or Email. 


You can learn more about this in this Solution article: 


Freshdesk Analytics also has an option of Exporting Reports of Tickets, you can have the reports customised and have them scheduled for Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis. This can be exported in PDF and CSV format. 


 You can learn more about this in this Solution article: 


I hope this helps.

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Hi there,

I understand your need to automate the ticket export process in Freshdesk for reporting purposes. To schedule exports, Freshdesk offers a feature called Data Exports. You can access it by going to Admin settings > Data Exports. From there, you can configure the scheduling options (daily, weekly, or monthly) that best suit your needs.

While Freshdesk provides native options for scheduling exports, if you're looking for more advanced Protect automation or specific integrations, you may explore third-party tools like Zapier or Integromat. These platforms offer extensive integration capabilities and can help automate the export process further.

Regarding export formats, Freshdesk supports CSV, XLS, and PDF. The choice depends on your reporting requirements. CSV is ideal for data manipulation and analysis, XLS provides more formatting options, and PDF ensures a consistent view of the exported data. Consider your reporting needs to select the most suitable format.

Regarding security, Freshdesk follows industry-standard measures to safeguard your data. Ensure that proper access controls are in place to limit access to authorized users only. Familiarize yourself with Freshdesk's data privacy policies and features like role-based access control to maintain data security.

Don't hesitate to seek advice from the Freshdesk community or their support team for additional insights, tips, and best practices on scheduling export tickets. Good luck with your reporting endeavors!