Can I force an agent to prioritize older tickets?




I have this odd scenario where one of our customer service agents consistently favors addressing newer tickets over older ones, and I’ve been racking my brain over how to force him to resolve older tickets first.

This person is the son of the CEO, who I cannot get to care about this. Countless attempts to change this behavior have proven fruitless, so I’m looking for a way within Freshdesk that would force this outright.

Is there any way to set up automation, or something else, that would make it impossible to resolve a newer ticket until an older ticket, or one with higher priority, has been resolved first?


Am at my wit’s end.


Thank you


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Hello @ralf, visibility in the support desk is what makes the freshworks products so great, but also can be a pain in situations like this where you want to limit access. My suggestion would be to utilize automation to assign tickets directly to the agent. There starts the paper trail of the agent either completing the ticket or re-assigning it. At which point you can use metrics to track that behavior and use it to back your case when having those management discussions. 

Another option would be to create a group and have the agent assigned only to that group, where you place the older tickets that need to be worked. Limiting the agent visibility in a manner that removes the ability to choose newer tickets.

Just some thoughts, but hopefully you can find a constructive way to handle the situation. Best of luck.


Thanks. I don’t think this will cut it, but thanks for trying to help.

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Hi Ralf,

Welcome to Freshworks community!

I understand you would like to prioritize the tickets in such a way that agent resolved the older tickets first. One such way can be to make the agent work out of a custom view. On the ticket list view, you can set the filters to list out older tickets


Going ahead, the sort by dropdown can be set to Ascending against Created Date to list older tickets first.


Another option, as Zachary suggested could be using Automations to directly assign them tickets based on Time Triggers, this would limit you to tickets created within last 30 days.

Hope this helps,