Change "To" field when using Agent Reply in Freshdesk

  • 24 January 2022
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When an Email is sent by customer, few TO Email Address are marked along with the Support address and when the agent is replying, customer wants the To Field to be editable so that the response can be provided to the actual To ID of the email instead of the Sender of the email, Possible?

6 replies

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Hello @vinothkumar.manoharan,


At the moment, Freshdesk does not support editing the To email address in the reply editor everytime the agent responds on the ticket. Alternately, you can copy the required email addresses in the reply editor to send the responses accordingly. Feel free to drop a note here for any further help!



Freshworks should really look into this and consider its implementation even in Freshservice. This is a basic operational requirement. We can’t be just Cc persons that requires to be addressed directly in any communication.

Any update ?

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Adding on to the thread, this is still not available within the product as of now, since providing the ability to agents to edit the “To” email might cause discrepancies while replying back to threads.

If there is any specific use-case please feel free to drop a DM to me, and I will let you know if there is a work-around for your case.


Any Update on this?

We have currently the problem that we use two different Freshdesk platforms to navigate all our workload. When I want to forward the ticket from one platform to the other, we cannot edit the “TO” so we still are stuck in the conversation and the reply to the original customer is very inconvenient - since you have to create a new reply within freshdesk and copying all the content

Just wanted to add my two cents. This is a problem for us too. We need to be able to edit the To: field, because someone can caught in a back and forth string of emails that has nothing to do with them. Please make this available!!