Chatbots for local governments

  • 10 October 2018
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Hi all,

With a few citizens in my local town Haarlem (Netherlands) we are investigating how chatbot technology can help citizens to find information easier. We also think that chatbot functionality can help to measure the satisfaction. Does anybody have more information on this subject?



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2 replies

Hello Tim!

Hope you are doing well.

I liked your use case.

FreshDesk is proposing this bot :

What are the technologies you studied so far?

Have a great evening!



Hi Antoine, in 2017 I worked for Rituals ( and we have been talking to Guy Kessels from Quriobot. In the Haarlem-case they are using a service management tool that they are not happy about. I was curious if service management tools like TOPdesk and FreshDesk are also investing in bots. And I see that FreshDesk is certainly investing in this functionality. So what we are investigating is if we can setup a pilot. Our plan is to connect with some other local governments. In the Netherlands you have a cooperation called Wigo4it ( in which the big cities in the Netherlands work together in creating an innovative IT-infrastructure. I'm curious what Wigo4it advises about service management? And if they are already looking at bot technology? Is FreshDesk already talking with local governments in the Netherlands? Are local governments interesting for FreshDesk? Why/ why not? Regards, Tim.