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  • 5 January 2022
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can someone please explain to me the difference between closed and resolved tickets?

Thank you!

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Hi there @AlexH13, my use of these terms is that resolved means that as resolution has been applied but the ticket is still open. This might be while an “it’s all good now” response is awaited from the customer or a set period of time has to elapse. It’s basically a safety net to ensure that tickets aren’t closed while the issue remains.

Whereas closed tickets are when the resolution has been applied and the help desk or service desk is confident that the issue has been fully addressed.

Hopefully this helps :)

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Hello @AlexH13,


Greetings for the day. The ticket statuses in Freshdesk, Resolved and Closed are defined as:  

  • Resolved: When agents are reasonably sure that they have provided the customer with a solution to their problem, they can change the status of the ticket to Resolved.
  • ClosedResolved tickets can be moved to Closed status if the customer acknowledges that the problem has indeed been resolved. If the customer has not replied, the standard practice is to automatically close the ticket (You can use the Time triggers to do this) after 48 or 72 hours.

And thank you for sharing your insights, @manns. That’s definitely helpful! :)