Closing a ticket only sometimes automatically opens the next one

  • 3 January 2023
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This is not consistent so I’m not sure how I am able to provide example.  However, we notice only sometimes when we close a ticket, the next case in the queue is then opened for us.  It wouldn’t be too much of an issue if the case was a new one assigned to the individual, but each time, it’s an older case assigned to another teammember.  

3 replies

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Hi @ValerieHom ,


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I hope you’re referring to the Focus mode option available under Profile settings for each agent. If the agent had turned on the Focus mode, when they close the ticket, the next ticket in their queue would be opened automatically for them to work on. From your query, I believe sometimes it isn’t working. If yes, could you check if those agents have turned on focus mode under their respective Profile settings?


And if the next ticket that’s opened is an older one assigned to a different agent already, that means that the agent is working on tickets by opening the “All/Open tickets” queue. The Focus mode automatically opens the next ticket present in the queue. Hence it’s advisable to create custom ticket views for agents to see their own tickets so that they don’t see other agent’s tickets :)

Here’s an article that explains how to set it up:


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This does help, thank you.  However, is it possible to have it open the next ticket that is newly assigned to you?  We have a round robin approach and each new case is auto assigned.  We wouldn’t want to action a ticket that is not assigned to the individual.  

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Hi @ValerieHom,


The Focus mode moves to the next available ticket in your queue. You just have to make sure the agent’s are in the Ticket view where they see their own tickets alone and not the tickets of other agents. Once they start working from that view, the next ticket in their queue would be opened and not the tickets of other agents :)


Hope this helps!