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  • 22 February 2017
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I need to add new tile to our company's dashboard that shows the number of opened freshdesk tickets to signed-in manager. Searching through the forum I have found topics with old replies saying that the API required for similar problems is on your roadmap. If it has been implemented already, could you advice what API calls shall be used and how? If it is still not available, do you have any estimate when it will be done?

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3 replies

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Taking the answer down as it is a private API that wasn't supposed to be made available. My sincere apologies to all users in this thread. We had to take it down since it hasn't scaled well enough to be available publicly. We'll continue to work and see if we can get this API endpoint available soon.

Hello Aravind,

Thank you for your reply! Is there a way how to get the total count of the open tickets for a specific user / agent? The query seems to return count of all opened tickets. Ideally, I would like to show the total count of overdue tickets for a specific manager and the total count of assigned unresolved tickets for the manager.


Yes how do we do this grouped by agent?