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  • 4 March 2015
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we have tried to generate a export .csv file in zendesk, but the plan we have does not allow it.

Please, could you give us another option to execute the migration from zendesk to freshdesk?

Thanks and regards!

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5 replies

Hi Salvador, 

You don't need to export any .csv file from Zendesk. You just need the backup file from Zendesk to import your data to Freshdesk. 

Just go to Freshdesk> Admin> Scroll down until you see account settings> then from there click on Import Data From Zendesk> Then once you Enter your info, choose the back up file of your data from your Zendesk account. 

Then choose below your info what you want to import!

You should be all set! Hope this helps!

Kind Regards, 


How do I get the Zendesk backup file?

Shay, you need to ask Zendesk to activate that option. See

They did that inside a day for us, no hassle or arguments. 

Hi Paul,

Thanks, I saw this, but thought there is a workaround as my account is not professional nor enterprise...