Deleting an account causes that email address to become orphaned and unusable for life - no it doesn't - [solved]

  • 1 October 2013
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Please read my second posting below this - accounts don't get deleted - they get de-activated (and hidden in the depths of Freshdesk)

Deleting an account causes that email address to be orphaned and unusable.

is no way to reset an email address within the Admin UI so deleting an
account by mistake renders the associated email unusable for life

Customer Actions in /support/login

  • Customer logs in with Google SSO for first time and account is created

  • Google first time SSO warning is shown and sign in works ok and is redirected back to Freshdesk with logged in status

  • Customer then logs out from Freshdesk

Freshdesk Admin Actions in /contacts

  • Freshdesk Admin deletes customer account

Customer Actions in /support/login

  • Customer attempts log in with Google SSO but gets following error message :- "We are sorry. This page is currently unavailable to you. Please contact the administrator for more information."

  • Customer attempts password reset  but gets following error message :- "No user was found with that email address"

Freshdesk Admin Actions in /contacts

  • Admin attempts to create new contact with same customer's email address but gets following error message :-

  • "There were problems with the following fields:

  • Email has already been takenEmail has already been takenEmail has already been takenEmail has already been takenEmail has already been takenEmail has already been taken"

Customer Actions in /support/signup

  • Customer attempts to "sign up" with same email address but gets following error message :- "Email has already been taken"

I have yet to try this with other SSO methods or generic signup.

But my guess is no matter what you do, if the email gets into the Freshdesk system once and is deleted by Admin then it is locked out and unusable for life.

You only tend to discover these kind of things when endlessly testing, as I have been doing so for the last 3 days, creating accounts for testing and setting up Dispatcher and Observer filters to handle the incomplete multiple language implementation.

If the idea that a deleted account should stay deleted/unusable (in the case of spam or terminated employee for example) then a BLOCKED EMAIL list should be created and made editable by Admin from within the Freshdesk GUI.

Footnote - this is exactly how this undocumented "feature" works

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Ok we are really jumping through hoops here.

Deleting an account causes that email to potentially be associated with SPAM.
It also puts the account into an offline status - i.e. not truely deleted - it can be restored.

What you need to do is send an email to your support desk from your deleted email.
If you can't see it it is because it landed as SPAM in the ticket system.
In the ticket pane view pulldown menu select SPAM.
Hey presto the ticketed email is there.
Next you need to remove the SPAM flag.
Then click on the email address and you are taken to the contact pane.
Click Restore.

Hoops jumped though...

As your new undeleted self, go to the front end of your support portal.
You can now log in with no issue (in this case I use Google SSO)

I'm not quite sure of what to make of the logic here but I will link some other posts that touch on this topic here later.

Problem solved I guess...


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Hello Bren,

You'd now be able to permanently delete a contact in Freshdesk. The option lies in the deleted contact page - Check out the video to see how this functionality works:

You can also permanently delete contacts via API. Once deleted, all contact related information like tickets, to-dos, satisfaction survey ratings,etc. would be wiped off from Freshdesk.