Distinguish the two types of feedback forms in Creation Automation?

  • 20 August 2021
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Is it possible to distinguish the two types of feedback forms “Widgets” and “Feedback Form” when setting a condition on the source of a ticket in a Creation Automation?

From my tests, both types are “reported via the feedback widget” and cannot be distinguished. In my use case, “Widgets” are intended for sales support (and would be tagged accordingly) and “Feedback Form” would be for existing customers.


3 replies

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Hello @Jean Lalonde,


At the moment, Freshdesk considers both help widget and feedback form by the source ‘Feedback widget’. For your usecase, can you please let us know how the help widget and feedback form is configured? Are there are unique parameters in ticket fields that can be identified to differentiate ticket creation for existing customers and prospects.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


Thank you,

Freshworks Community Team 

Hi @hemanth.ramya ,

For now, I’m using the free version. Both forms are configured with Captcha. Attach a file is enabled for the Feedback form. But regardless of the options I select, I see nothing the could help me distinguish the two forms by looking at the ticket Subject or Description, for example.

This being said, I have other options if there is no solution to this when using the Free plan.






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Thanks for sharing your insights, Jean. 


You can make use of a ticket field (default/custom) to identify the ticket creation via help widget. This ticket field can be prefilled with the value ‘Help widget’ and hidden from the contact form page in the widget. Using the same field inputs, you can configure automation rules in your helpdesk. Documentation for help on Help widget APIs:

Feel free to drop a note here for any further questions! :)



Freshworks Community Team