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  • 31 August 2020
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Hey community,

We need help with configuring DKIM.

The issue is next, we have Mailbox with email address:

The problem is outgoing emails do not have DKIM record, SPF showing SOFTFAIL and DMRAC - FAIL
You can see that on this screenshot:

The question is, how do you fix this? Emails end up in spam.

As far as I understand, this is not a custom domain and we have no any records in Admin > Support Channels > Email Settings > Advanced Settings> Configure DKIM

So, not sure if we need to do something with our DNS.

1 reply

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Hello Igors,

We can see that your query regarding DKIM has been addressed by our support team. Please feel free to write to for any further queries in the future. Happy to assist you, anytime.