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  • 16 February 2019
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I am getting this extra email every-time a new ticket is created by a customer of mine who is emailing our generic/ticket email address..

Problem is I cannot use a filter to filter this out. It shows the subject of the email and that's it. So it's not a useful email, a duplicate with less information.

How do I disable this email notification?


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2 replies

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Hello Tylor,

Can you please check if the notification gets triggered based on the template set up under Admin -> Email notifications -> Agent notifications -> Ticket assigned to a groupĀ section? I could see that the notification gets sent to multiple agents at the same time and I'm guessing it would be the group notification.


Unfortunately, that setting is already disabled. The mystery of this email continues.

I find it so odd how there is no reference to what this is, as any other notification says what happened or if it was assigned to someone.

Thanks for your suggestion but it is still happening. :(