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  • 19 February 2019
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I have multiple support tickets with different companies.
They send me an email with their support link something like companyname.freshdesk.com/helpdesk/tickets/5714

When I try to open that ticket, I need to create an account.
During registration with my email account it looks like it its succeeds and the registration pages gives a success.

But I don't receive a password or activation link in my email.
When I retry it says the email address has already been used (makes sense, I just created the account but did not receive an activation email).

So first reaction; check the spamfolder; empty....
Second reaction; Lets do a password reset on the email....

It states that instructions have been send to my email... But you can guess it right now; no email.

I've been trying for last 6 hours without any result.

Now it becomes really weird, because for posting this topic I had to create an account on freshdesk own support portal.
And here it worked, no problems during the creation process of my account.

What the fudge is going on here?
- a frustrated enduser - ;-)

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