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  • 20 September 2013
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I have integrated the feedback widget in to a website.  When a customer submits a ticket they are presented with the the thank you message.  However there is also a hyperlink entitled "GO BACK".  When clicking on that link, the widget then loads the helpdesk screen but it doesn't fit the position on my website correctly.  Is it possible to remove the "GO BACK" link completely or at least have the helpdesk screen open a new window if it is clicked?  At the moment it doesn't look very professional.

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3 replies


I'm sorry that it's taken us this long to get back to you. Our developers have fixed the issue since so the widget should load properly everytime a user clicks on the 'Go back' hyperlink. I've also tested this out in my trial account and everything seems to be working just fine. 

Please do let us know if you're still having issues. As far as removing the link is concerned, you're not the first to object to it :) I'll make sure to pass along your comments to our Product Managers. Cheers!

Is it possible to allocate a different action to the "Go-back" link? In stead of going back to an empty feedback widget I prefer a "feedback widget close" action, so that the user goes back to the main site.


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As of now, it is not possible to change the behaviour of the "Go back" button as such. But, you can put up a message on that screen which can make it clearer for the customer. 

You can configure the message from Admin>>Feedback Widget.

Let us know if you have more questions.