Exporting ticket date for period longer than 30 days

  • 27 September 2022
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Frustrated here. Every time I try to export all tickets from Jan 1 to  current date I only receive the last 30 days. I’ve tried both MS Edge and Chrome browsers and they both give same result. The filter is “All Tickets” and the date range is pictured below.

Can anyone help me get this working? Thanks

3 replies


Never mind. I figured it out. Our All Tickets had a filter on it as well.

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Hi @SpectorAlex,


Yes, you are right. The time frame set on the ticket list page has to be greater than the time frame set in the Export window. It is recommended to set the Created time field as 'Any time' on the list page and apply the desired time in the export window.


Glad you were able to identify the issue and resolve it. Feel free to drop a note here incase of further queries on this front :)

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Hi there,


Before you go on, you can check this similar question.


If you experience any glitches with the date range, opt for a third-party app. A tech support team can filter data by date without limits. In addition, they can:


  1. Apply custom filters to the imported data.

  2. Ensure data deduplication.

  3. Match pre-existing data in your new system.

  4. Migrate one object as another.


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