Freshdesk Jira automation, populate fields by default

  • 7 August 2020
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Our goal is to create a report in Jira to show all Jira issues created by the support team. Preferably with information thats filled in automatically. I know we could manually enter information into a synced Jira field, like a Label.

We also already have a report in Freshdesk since Freshdesk tags the case with the Jira issue number, but our engineering wants one of their own in their tool. 

Is there a way to automatically populate the Jira fields when creating a Jira Issue with the integration or an object in Jira thats populated with Freshdesk information that we can filter on? There is the Freshdesk widget in Jira, but Jira does not filter on that to create a report. 

4 replies

Devin - We have logged this as a ticket for you. Our support champs will be in touch with you soon helping you with the possibilities available at hand that would assist you implement what you are looking for. Cheers!

It resolves one of the issues we had wherein the old + symbolsite could open a pull out window which disappeared in case you have been multitasking consequently deleting any unsaved entries.

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Hello @wdefse333,


Could you please elaborate more on your requirements with Freshdesk JIRA integration to help you accordingly? You can drop a note here or write to alternately, and we would be happy to help! :)



Freshdesk Community Team 

Hi FW team,


Are there any updates on improvements to the integration? Specifically I’d be interested in:

  • Ability to pass the URL of a ticket to Jira (in a comment or at creation of ticket via integration)
  • Ability to pass replies to a ticket to Jira (in a comment on the ticket)

These seem like basic features that should be added.