GET Ticket by id or display-id?

  • 18 January 2013
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 This seems like such a basic feature that I must be missing something in the API documentation, but how do I GET a ticket by id?

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4 replies


I'm really really sorry that you had to wait this long for a reply. No excuse can justify it but we are sorry. 

You've probably figured out how to do this by now, but I thought I'd put this out there anyway. You can GET a ticket by ID with this request URL: domain_URL/helpdesk/tickets/[ticket_id].xml. Also, here's a link to a GitHub repo, chock-full of sample Ruby programs that illustrate how you can use the API. Hope this helps :) 


I want to fetch tickets on the basis of group_id. Can I achieve that using the freshdesk API ?

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It is now possible to filter tickets using group_id. You can check the documentation available here :


How I  get my tickets through ticket id no. 5660958