Getting assigned agent for a ticket

  • 12 January 2018
  • 2 replies

Trying to understand the API.  If I want to view a ticket via api, am I understanding correctly that I am going to need to query the the ticket to get a responder id and then run a second call to the agents endpoint to get the assigned agent?  Seems like an unnecessary extra call when we just want to show users tickets on an internal portal with basic info such as the name of who is assigned.

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2 replies

Hello. I have similiar problem. I am creating a Freshdesk app. We retrieve ticket information via Data API. There is responder_id. How do I get more agent information (agent name, email, etc.)?

Is it doable withing the app? There is of course Freshdesk HTTP API but I shouldn't be doing HTTP request from withing the app, right?

@Michal- (I am new in Freshdesk and have been faced the same problem But I got one solution). Try this api Then you get all the info about agent