How to better control which emails generate new tickets?

  • 14 June 2013
  • 2 replies

Is it possible to set things so that only emails from registered Customers generate tickets?

Alternatively, it seems like the only solution for handling the non-issue-related emails that come to our Support address is to use your Spam and Block/Delete users features after a non-real ticket is generated. Is that right?

Thanks for any tips or insights you can provide.

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2 replies

Hi Paul

You can use the Dispatch'r to trace such Tickets and if anything else comes from USERs/COMPANY not added in the List, you can delete them.

Ensure that all the USERs/COMPANY is associated in your Freshdesk, then go to Admin -> Dispatch'r and create a rule, that says, MATCH ANY CONDITION with DOESN"T CONTAINS - COMPANY NAME - ABC or XYZ or DEF , Set Action as - DELETE the TICKET and SEND EMAIL TO REQUESTER - SAYING, you're not a customer or paid customer etc etc

Hope this helps


Thanks, Vijay, that does help.

I see now how we can either adopt and enforce a formal customer pre-registration policy, or just use the spam & blocking features to prune the tickets list as needed. Nice.