How to get the current record ID from app.js

  • 24 November 2022
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Hi everyone!

I am starting to develop a custom application, I used the Freshworks CLI to create my project and I am creating my custom application, writing code.
So, I have a question: How can I get the id of the current record?

My custom application runs on top of the deals module, and it is a form in which I want to load data from the contacts module. So, I think the steps to achieve this are:
- Get te current record ID (?? How to get this current record ID ??).
- With te current record ID, make a GET request to deals module including their contact info to get the respective contact ID.
- With the contact ID, make a GET request to contacts module to get the neccesary data to auto fill the fields on the form.

I expect to someone can help me.


0 replies

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