Incoming email tickets erroneously flagged as spam

  • 24 August 2012
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A lot of our incoming tickets are wrongly classified as spam and these have to be manually flagged as 'Not spam'. This is a tedious process and also hurt our ticket speed.

Is the Unmark Spam option a learning filter? Is there a possibility for a whilelist option in admin, so certain incoming emails are always considered 'ham' instead of 'spam'.

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10 replies

Hi Jean,

Can you verify whether the USER/CONTACT was DELETED in Freshdesk ? If so, then also we will mark the Ticket as SPAM. You may restore the USER from Customers -->> Contacts -->> Deleted section

Also, ensure there is no Dispatch'r rule to mark tickets as DELETED or SPAM

Aha, I see. The email address belonged to a deleted agent. I changed that deleted agent's email address and made a new customer contact. Hope this helps :-)
There was no Dispatch'r rule of that kind.
Unfortunately this didn't help. I just rescued another three different messages sent from known email addresses (of which one is the main account mail for Freshdesk!!!). Any investigation would be much appreciated.
I have this same problem and it is not because the customer has been deleted.  I am the customer and I submitted a ticket for testing purposes, and my email notification that it was assigned to my GROUP went into my Junk Mail folder (Outlook).
Hi Jean/Connie,

Can you provide me with the contact details to check this out ?


I have the same problem. Has this been resolved?

Also, how do I retrieve flagged messages? I know the messages aren't showing up, but don't know where to find them.

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Hey Nitzan,

If you are looking to view the tickets that have gone into the SPAM folder in freshdesk, go to the tickets page and in the list of options from the View dropdown, choose SPAM. 

This will list all those tickets that have been marked as SPAM in your portal. I am attaching a screenshot as well for your reference. 

Did this help or is it something else that you are looking to solve? Just let me know and I will be glad to help you out. 




Hi, I'd like to remove the spam folder and have NO tickets EVER marked as spam. We are a smaller company and i can very quickly close or delete a ticket that's spam, i do not EVER want to lose a request because it was marked as spam and i didn't see it. Is there a way to remove the spam option completely?

Hi was this ever resolved? We are also getting emails wrongly marked as spam from emails. I cannot see a simple (not spam) option in dispatcher?

Hi Team

SPAM option cannot be REMOVED from any Service. Even if you consider a Mail service like Gmail or Yahoo, there is a SPAM filter. Only option is that in Freshdesk, Agents or ADMINs shouldn't DELETE the USERs, otherwise all their mails will go into SPAM

Generally the idea is to CONTROL SPAM using such tools like Dispatch'r etc. Unfortunately SPAM feature cannot be reversed, but only improved with some changes in our side as well, like using keywords or Email Address control, and since such changes could affect universally across all accounts, we dont do much changes and leave the control to customers using Dispatch'r