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  • 25 July 2013
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Before when a developer commented on a ticket and assigned it back to me it used to change the field value from with developer to open, this is no longer happening, any idea why?

I thought I would post here rather than raising a ticket so other people can be helped.


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2 replies

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We're really sorry to have missed to update this thread earlier. It was due to the change in the behaviour of how the notes are being added by the JIRA app. I'm posting the current option just in case if it would be beneficial for other users.

In case if you have setup the integration to add private notes to the ticket, you can configure an Observer rule to automatically re-open tickets whenever a private note is added.

When any of these events occur : Note is added , Type -> Private 

And the events are performed by : Requester

Actions : Set status as Open


Hi Checkout the new freshdesk jira app. we can customized it to your needs. 

freshdesk jira app

Checkout few screenshots.