List Customers - Filter by Domain

  • 15 October 2014
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Is it possible to list customers filtered by a domain?

I would like to check if a company already exists before adding the company again with a slightly different name.  

For example say I have the following records to add into FreshDesk...

1] companyName('Mercer Inc.'), companyDomain('')

2] companyName('Mercer'), companyDomain('')

I want to be able to query FreshDesk to see if a company already exists with the company domain of '' - otherwise I am going to have a duplicate company record in Fresh Desk.

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1 reply


We do not have API to filter customers by domain. This being a valid request, I added it to our internal backlog of feature requests. Although I do not have an ETA on this feature now, I will update this thread once we make any progress on this feature.