"Mint" ticket list very slow on Safari / very high memory usage

  • 20 November 2018
  • 10 replies

When I navigate to "tickets", the memory usage of that tab (as shown in Activity Monitor) jumps from ~250 MB to ~1000 MB. The page is also very slow to load and sluggish to use.

PS No need to suggest to use other browsers.

10 replies

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Hello Bouke, 

Welcome to the Freshdesk community. Congrats on your first post here :)

This has been raised by few other users as well in the past. We're optimising Mint performance based on the feedback and this one's definitely in the plan. You can expect some movement on this in a few weeks from now.


Hi Aravind,

Thanks you for welcoming to the community, much appreciated.

We're now 3 months in (and almost 10 months since initially mailing about this issue to support), but nothing much has changed. Performance is still bad, especially when the ticket list spans a few pages. I'm still seeing 1GB memory usage and 200% CPU usage to display a TABLE.

This is really beyond comprehension.


I have the same issue. Ive had it since it first switched to Mint but am no longer able to go back to the old view. Its extremely frustrating to have to use a different browser just for Freshdesk. It seems to be mainly on the Ticket list page, but if I apply filters it doesnt lag. I would prefer to be able to view all tickets when I want, though. 

I've very similar experience in Safari 12.0.2 MacOS 10.14.2 when opening "All tickets" view in Mint. Heavy CPU load and RAM consumption appears.  


Facing the same problem on Safari 12.0.3 on macOS Mojave. This ticket is 4 months old and I've seen others of a year old and so. Can someone at Freshdesk please take a look at this issue thoroughly?

This issue still has not been resolved.


Impossible to use in Safari.



We could see that this has been reported via a ticket with us and our product team is working on improving Freshdesk's performance on Safari.

You should be hearing from us once there is an update to this. Thanks!


Please log a ticket with us at support@freshdesk.com and our team would be happy to take a look at this.


This isnt resolved and its sad that you just closed this with no resolution for people who have been waiting for well over a year.


I understand that it's been quite a long time since this was brought to our attention.

Our team is working to enhance the performance of Freshdesk on Safari and very soon should be made much better. 

Please watch out for our updates on this here.