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  • 6 March 2013
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I'm confused about the URL requirement in setting up multiple products.   If I do not own or have the domain rights to am limited in the title name of the product?  I wish to have the title different from what the domain name has to be then its seems very restrictive.   Or am I confused about what the Portal URL has to or can be?

The message

 " Before using this field please ensure that you have created a CNAME DNS record in your DNS Zone file to point to Your Webmaster or Server administrator should be able to help you set this up correctly"  indicated that the domain name has to be, but the product name may not necessarily have a domain name associated with.

For example if I was to make a product called Big Mac, but do no own then what option do I have to set up a specific portal page?

Please adivse

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9 replies

Hi Alex

Multiple Products option is designed for use with Multiple Portals only. E.g. Its recommended that you define/set individual Product portals wit their own Support portal URLs, so Freshdesk will send out the links with these Portals URLs and also when customers visit each of the Portals, they can see the corresponding Solution/Forums etc for this product



You didn't answer his question -- the field requires us to input a custom URL that is valid, so are we required to create subdomain URLS for our websites in order to use this functionality? I understand we can set up all the individual portals and what not where are we getting this URL from? I can't really proceed with using this functionality until that's really explained enough. 

Hi Ivan

You must give the Support URL for this Sub-product.

i.e. If you're adding a Product called Xbox Support, you must submit a Product URL like, or



Okay Vijay -- I went into my domain host last night and created subdomains for the sites I own, I made the following:

The first two don't seem to work but I got to work, which never existed until I made it last night. When I try to go to the first two subdomains they give me a "oops server not found" error and tries to redirect me to the main domain. 

What am I doing wrong here? I attached two pictures of my settings. 


Hi Vijay,

Please advise us on this matter. It is preventing us from using your system correctly.


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Hey Ivan, 

Please give me some time so that I can figure out what is going wrong and help you out better.


Hi Ivan

Sorry for missing this.

Can we open up a Ticket for you,so we can continue privately ?

Maybe a GoTo Meeting can help here.

I will create a ticket in your name and Forum link and we can continue on this



I have same problem. Is there another thread abou this issue?



Hey Michel,

There are two issues described above. The solution to both of them is quite easy:

1. Domain mapping your support desk: The suggest URL is just that - a suggestion. You can enter any URL that can be directed via a CNAME to support desk instance. This means that the only real restriction is that you can't use the root of a URL, e.g. because it can not be pointed with a CNAME. You could use as you can create a CNAME with www or you can use any other subdomain that you would like.

2. I just created my CNAME and it is not resolving to my support desk. This is most often the caused by DNS Time to Live (TTL). When you configure your DNS there is (typically) a setting for TTL which tells how long it will take for changes to go live. Some registrars automatically configure the TTL for their name servers which is then typically set to a maximum value which in many cases is 2-3 days. However, you can check the clock on your TTL by doing a DNS Dig which will tell you how much time is left until your DNS settings will update. 

You can do a DNS dig here:

Here is a quick screencapture video to show you what you are looking for:

Have a great day!