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  • 27 October 2014
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Hello all,

We are evaluating the Freshdesk product for use within our organization as an internal help desk solution. I have a couple of questions as to the best way for an initial implementation path:

1) Is providing people an email address to source tickets the best approach? Or is it more effective to have them login and create tickets?

2) Is there anyway to restrict users from entering tickets based on a predefined list? For example, we might want to only allow a subset of our organization's users to enter tickets.

Thanks. I'm not sure if this is the best forum to post this question in.

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1 reply

I would recommend using Freshservice for internal help desk purposes. Freshdesk is designed keeping mind customers of an organization while Freshservice is designed for internal purposes. To answer your questions based on a Freshservice perspective...

  1. Once users email the help desk, a ticket is created and an account is created. This is effective because they can keep track of the tickets they have submitted and can get notifications. 

  2. You can restrict users from a user group from placing requests for service items in Freshservice. However, you can restrict ticket creation itself based on a group.

I hope this helps.