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  • 14 April 2016
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Hi everyone. The forums here are quite inactive but I hope this does get through to some.

Over the past few months the interactions I've had with FD support have not been satisfactory. Regardless of the ticket type (feature request, bug reports, even their own report provides wrong data!) the response time can go up to several weeks. They might promise to follow up, but nothing happens unless you message them on at least a weekly basis.

As a paying customer (we have around 50 full time agents), this kind of service is not acceptable. It's somewhat ironic that their product is used for the purpose of improving customer service.

Just wanted to know if anyone else has been experiencing the same.

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1 reply

Hello Bevis,

We are really sorry you feel this way. We will have an internal discussion and come up with the list of open/pending issues/requirements raised by you so far and will update you on that. We assure you that we won't let you down again and will make sure your queries are resolved. 

We will take your feedback seriously, as our customer satisfaction is very important than anything else !