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We often deal with tickets where multiple contacts from the organization are included on the original email / ticket. During correspondence, it is not unusual for some of those who were originally cc’d on the ticket to respond to the thread.

We use the “Agent Reply Template” to automatically fill in the {{ticket.requester.firstname}} which doesn’t always correspond to the person that we are replying to. The default “To” email remains locked to the original sender’s email address as well.

Is there a way to use a placeholder for the contact / sender’s name instead of the requester name?

For example, if emails a question and copies When an agent responds, the {{ticket.requester.firstname}} would correspond to John. 

Later, if Susan replies to the thread, and an agent responds to her latest email, {{ticket.requester.firstname}} would again correspond to John, not Susan.


This added “friction” means either the response from the agent is oddly addressed or requires the agent to remember to modify the auto-inserted text. What would be ideal is something like {{ticket.sender.firstname}} or something similar so that when replying to the email from Susan we address the response automatically to Susan and when responding to an email from John on the same ticket we address the response automatically to John.

Can this be done?


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Hi @tlentine ,

We love your idea about the {{ticket.latest_public_comment.sender.firstname}} placeholder!

We shall pass on your thoughts to be added to our product development calendar and keep you updated as well! In the meanwhile, you can also make use of this article for learning about Freshdesk’s dynamic placeholders.

Feel free to add more insights and ideas on this front, We would be happy to hear! :)



Most fof the time when we react to a ticket, It just says Hi en then the {{ticket.requester.firstname}}.

This is the way we have configured it, so that is good.


But...sometimes it also adds the {{tic


Any idea why this differs from the rest?

I just can’t find it….


I’m looking forward to hear from you.


This is very much needed. Noticed that Freshdesk uses a new .contactname placeholder instead of requester in some backend, but figured that was more of just an alignment of common terminology?

That placeholder was not available on the Ticket Reply template as of now.