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  • 8 August 2017
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What solutions are there to deal with promotional spam?

For Example we have an anonymous email address for clients that corresponds with a guest. Every-time we send a guest through to our clients that guests anonymous email address gets put on their Mailing List.

-I  can't mark the email address as spam, as they also send important emails through it.

-I can't adequately filter the spam as descriptions and subjects are every changing

-I can't make a too specific or too general filter as it will either not catch the Spam or catch tickets that are not spam.

Basically this forces me to have to manually close hundreds and hundreds of tickets at a time.

Which is a waste of my time as

A) I can only have 30 tickets on screen at once.

B) Messes up Metrics

C) Makes the helpdesk unusable unless Agents are monitoring by my Tag system.

It just doesn't seem that there is no way to better filter out spam tickets.

Why can Freshdesk not auto-merge tickets that contain the same subject/description. That should be a relatively easy task.

How is this sustainable when I already have 1000+ Tickets a day that are actionable and in 6 months I will have triple or quadruple that amount of actionable tickets and most likely 5x the amount of promotional spam.


Jalal Hassan

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Hello Jalal,

As you've rightly pointed out, it is highly difficult for the system to handle the spam tickets as they are very subjective . Having said that,we're working on a new spam algorithm that automatically updates itself from the list of already available spam tickets and tries to find the pattern over a period of time. It would then automatically mark such tickets as spam given that it periodically updates itself .Please let me know if you would like to give the Beta version a spin and I'll get it enabled for your account :)

Also, you can create a Dispatchr rule using the conditions as either the Subject or Description contains and then add some keywords in the rule to delete/spam such tickets.