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  • 5 May 2014
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This is more of a question than a problem, but I didn't see a forum to post it in.

I am trialing the Estate edition and it works great.  We have two other products that I want to use this for.

When I go the Multiple Products page, there is nothing in there.  I guess I expect to see my 'default' product support.

So before I create another product, I wanted to make sure that it didn't blow away the support stuff I initially set up, because its in production.



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1 reply


The functionality of Multiple Products is to have different support portals for each brands you support. You could only configure different page layouts and have unique support email addresses for each product portal. There will still be a main portal in which you will be doing all the configurations. 

The configurations ( automations, email notifications, groups ) that you have made now in your freshdesk account is sort of a global configuration for all the products. 

When the users login to a product portal URL, The will be restricted to tickets for that product only.