remove the word support from the "support by freshdesk" footer

  • 1 April 2014
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Our support portal is just called "support". This causes all outgoing emails to have a footer that says

"support support by freshdesk" 

Can the "support" be removed or change the tag line to "powered by freshdesk".  

The reason we only call our portal "support" is that the portal name appears next to our logo. So in the portal it shows as "<company name logo> support". If we called our support portal our company so the freshdesk tag line worked our portal would display as "<company name logo> company name", which makes no sense.

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1 reply

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I do understand your concern here.

But, I can see that you are in our Garden plan and this footer shouldn't be appended to your outgoing emails once you move to a Paid plan. 

I am converting this thread into a ticket so that I can assist you better.