Response Due Not Changed on Agent-Created Ticket

  • 22 September 2016
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I create some tickets with myself as the requester. When the time goes by for a response and the status is "Response Due," I reply in the ticket, but the status does not change and still says "Response Due." Is this a bug? This only happens in tickets that I create with myself as the requester. 

See attached files.

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7 replies

Has anyone else noticed this issue?

Select Activities and find your reply. This is the beginning of the HTML for agent replies: <div class="commentbox commentbox-gray"> and this is for requester replies: <div class="commentbox commentbox-requester">. You should see the later, because Freshdesk decided that you replied as the requester - not as an agent.


So how do I respond as the agent and not as the requester?

Maybe you could create a second email address for yourself, to use as the requester in such cases ( i.e. an address that does not belong to one of your Freshdesk agents )


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Hello Jaimie,

This was a change introduced quite sometime back wherein the tickets raised by the agents will also follow the group/scope validation. 

In this case, we would consider the agent as the original requester on the ticket. This implies that the agent will have only user level access for the ticket. This was built around the concept of agents raising internal tickets to different departments within the same org.


It would be great if there was a way to allow admin to choose whether a response is required when the requester and the agent are the same. I don't really like the idea of setting up another email address to use as a requester.

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The only case where the response due tag doesn't go off is when the same agent who had created the ticket, replies on the ticket. In case , the reply is made by a different agent, the system would take it for consideration .