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  • 29 October 2013
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Is there a way to search solution articles with the API? That is, where the title or body matches the search string.

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6 replies


This is how searching with the API works: 

If you're an agent logged into the portal, you can pull up solution articles, tickets, notes and posts with a certain keyword using a query like this - search/home?search_key=tag. 

However, an end user can pull up solution articles with a query like this: support/search/solutions?term=tag.

If the search string is a part of the solution title or is present in the body, the solution also gets pulled up. I hope this helps :) 

Yes, but this is not well-formed data. How do I get this in xml- or json-data?

Ok, just found out that I can search with the following url: /search/home/solutions.xml?search_key=tag

However I haven't found a way to search solution articles, no matter of folder or category, on their tags. Specifically articles with a certain tag; I'm not interested in them if the title or body contains the tag.

I'm sorry but you can't pull up solution articles just based on their tags. You can't filter solutions based on just titles, descriptions or tags. 

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The ability to search and fetch articles via API is now available. Please refer to the documentation below for syntax and response codes.


Hi Aravind,

Is it possible to do a search for all articles by tag? By term is a bit looser than what we're aiming for, and ideally we would be able to tag articles and pull only those.