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Is there a way to search the whole content of the ticket not only the subject? 

We also need to be able to filter tickets by a range of dates rather then created within 24 hours, today, this week etc.




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Hi, is the search function of TICKET broken? I've tried to search for my TICKETS, but they're NOT showing up!


This should be a feature request and something I would also like to have implemented.

There should be a switch option, just under the search field which will search just key fields or all fields. Obviously the search all fields option will take longer to return search results but it's a handy feature to have.

Hi Guys

Since the Elastic Search is being implemented in phases for different accounts, you might be facing this problem

Once implemented, you will be able to search for any content, even custom fields etc


Hi Vijay, 

When I search for a ticket number I get zero results. Is that to be expected? How can I search/open a ticket by its number (without the link)? 

I noticed today that one of our agents searches a ticket number in Firefox on a PC, no results are found.  He searches on his Mac (browser unknown) and the results are found. So, FreshDesk does seem to be buggy since this past weekend. I have a ticket open right now for Canned Responses that are only showing up as possible options about half the time now.


Hi Guys,

We were facing few glitches in searching tickets during last week and it was fixed immediately. You could search for the ticket with ticket ID by entering the numbers alone in the search bar. To get more accurate results you could enter the ticket ID within angular brackets as given below.

Eg: <1234>

Tech Core,

Our developers are working on a permanent fix for the canned responses search issue and we are expecting it to be fixed very soon. However, I will get back to you with a workaround for the issue in the ticket you have raised for this issue. Please bear with me.

Searching for an old ticket in FreshDesk is always such an ordeal at our company, that I finally did a google search to find help with ticket searches, and it landed me on this forum discussion.  I see that Vijay promised that some more advanced search features were coming, but then I noticed that that was two YEARS ago, and apparently it still hasn't happened.  And I use the term "advanced" loosely, because really all we need is just a way to search the message body or subject line, like you'd be able to do in any free email server.  We usually try to tag everything so we can search the tags, but occasionally people forget, and then god forbid we need to find an un-tagged message!

Am I missing something?  Is there really no way to search the body or subject field??

Hi Jeremy, 

As you already know, the current search functionality in Freshdesk has certain limitations which is causing all these issues and we are really sorry about that. Having said that, we are working to improve the current functionality of the search engine and to add some more advanced features to have a seamless experience. I agree that it's been quite long to get this fixed but rest assured, this is on top of our priority list and we'll make sure to release the upgrade as soon as possible.



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We too need much improved searching for old tickets. It's a big failing for us that does make us look for alternatives, which is sad because the rest of Freshdesk is great

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Hello everyone,

We've recently rolled out an enhanced version of the Search feature which will address most of the issues pertaining to the previous version. Should you have any fürther questions, please write to


What is different about the enhanced version?  How can we benefit more than the older version?