Send a notification to an additional address when Ticket created

  • 19 October 2012
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I want to create a task in my todo list when a ticket is created. I can generate new tasks by email so was wondering if I can use Dispatch'r to send an email to an address when a ticket is created. Seems they can only be sent to Agents and i'd rather not create a new Agent for my task App.

Any idea?

Thanks, Ant

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Sorry for the very late reaction to the post. I believe you would have figured out a way to handle this requirement but still posting this for the benefit of other users.

By default, the dispatchr automation can be used to trigger emails to either Agents or Requester of the ticket. In this case, you can add the task related email address as an occasional agent ( so that it doesn't eat up your agent subscription ) and then setup the rule to deliver the emails to this address.

Alternatively if the app supports API, you can use the Webhooks option in the Dispatchr rule to trigger an API call to create a resource on the other side.