Show customer's local time (based on time zone) inside ticket.

  • 23 June 2017
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It would be helpful to know what time it is for a customer. This could be a field in their Customers tab contact record. It could be entered by hand and it could perhaps often be extracted from the first email they send us that opens a ticket. It could be displayed in any of their tickets — especially important when their time zone is a lot different from that of the rep looking at the ticket.

Lots of room for a terrific product differentiator here, Freshdesk. Well, until/unless competitors clone it.

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7 replies

Hi Smith,

You would be able to set up multiple time zones for customers in the customer tab. This is available from the Estate plan onwards. 

Would that help ? 

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That depends on how it works — what it does. What does it do? Do you have a KB page on it I could read, please?

Hi Smith,

We do not have a knowledge base as such for this. However, you can make use of "requester widget" functionality to pull up information of customers into the ticket details page.Attached the link of the solution article, explaining the same here

Once you include the time zone in the requester widget, you would be able to see the requester's time zone in the ticket details page. 

Hope this helps. 



Thank you. How do I get time zone to appear in the Requester Info pane? I don't see that field when editing a contact, so I cannot fill it in.

Hi Smith,


The ability to enter the timezone for customer is available from the Estate and above plan only. I believe you are on the Garden plan. Please correct me if I am wrong here. 


I'm on Garden.

Ah okay, that should be the reason then.