Slow support responses & delayed rollouts by Freshdesk - is this typical?

Hi :)

We're currently assessing Freshdesk for our company.  From what we see in the forum It looks like it can take quite a long time for items get responses (although Annapoorna V seem to be trying to keep on top of things, apologizing for delays and so on).  

Also, delivery of items confirmed as almost done seems delayed for very long periods (CSS Editable portal being an obvious example).

Is this typical of Freshdesk's quality of support to its customers?  Should I judge the responses we would get for help tickets on the response speed in these forums?

While the product looks good, it seems like the support isn't as responsive as it could be.  Should I be concerned?

Thanks for your feedback.

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From my point, responses should be quick! Times should be more 

I can accept a reply like:

 "ok, it's a good idea we'll do this in 1 month"

"bad idea, for this reasons, nothing to do"

"ok, good idea but i can't tel you efforts and time to do this"

I can't absolutely accept:

- no reply,

- ok, we do this in 1 month and after 6 month, nothing happens.

Guys, i hope that Annapoorna V will be able to check the forum more frequently in the future.

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Hey Chris,

Thank you for writing here. 

I agree that we haven't been really very proactive in responding to the Forum posts in the past and trust me, we totally regret it.  We are constantly trying to improve and hope to be much more prompt and active over here. 

Also, let me tell you one thing. It's true that we had been pretty laid back when it came to the forums, no justifications there. But I think everyone would agree if I go ahead and say that we have a highly equipped support team who try and resolve the incoming tickets in super speed. 

But yes, we should have kept the spirits high and done the same over here as well. Sorry again. 

So when you ask, 'Is this typical of Freshdesk's quality of support to its customers?', I have to tell you that No, it is not.  I request you not to judge the support quality and the responsiveness based on our activity graph in the forums. 

And we might have promised a date on certain feature releases but failed to keep up. This is because we are really very passionate about what we are doing and sometimes get carried away and overlook certain difficulties. And then some performance issues keep pushing the date down because we also strive to meet perfection before pushing out any feature.  This exactly is what happened with our CSS feature as well. We are running some final testing to make it perfect for you. But yeah, I will make sure that we give you more tangible ETAs from now and more importantly, stick to it like a glue :) 

Finally, thanks for trying out Freshdesk for your company. Do let me know in case you need any help on your trial or would like to get a demo around the product. Will be more than just happy to help you out Chris.  

Hope you enjoy using Freshdesk :) 

Alessio, thanks for your feedback as well. All points duly noted. 



P.S Here are some unbiased user reviews about us and I think you might want to take a look at it.  

@Annapoorna thank you very much :-)

Hi Alessio,

I would also like to request you to see

This gives you a log of everything that we have released over the last year and a half. (We've been really working hard, trust me:))

Also one of the things that we realized was - in our Feature Request forums we had only three labels - Planned, Implemented and Not Taken. So most of the feature requests had to be moved into Planned as we did not have any other meaningful place to put it. One of the things we have done now is we have added more labels - Planned, In-Progress, Deferred, Implemented and Not Taken. So now we have a way to tell you what we are working on (In-Progress) and what has been postponed (Deferred). Atleast this will help us manage expectations better. As a fast growing startup, we are experiencing typical growth pains and we always wish we had more resources to move even faster.

Thanks for your understanding and Support!

Girish Mathrubootham

CEO - Freshdesk


thanks for answer.

I no doubt that you are working hard 🙂 you're doing a great work, i'm not critical on this, but you provide a forum for maintain a relationship with your customer.. i think that you should keep under control.

Otherwise this lack of your presence (and update!) may be considered like a lack of attention towards your customers! You can find a lot of example about it

This is only and advice and my 2 cents  ;-)

Good work

OK, thank you for the responses, that certainly helps.

I had a hunch that the forum responses were not a real indication of level of actual support - which is why I wanted to check.  I understand that deadlines can shift, products take more time than planned and so on - my concern was about the (apparent) lack of public communication as Alessio suggested.

Thanks again for the responses, its appreciated.

Freshdesk support has always been lightning fast for me, sometimes within minutes of submitting a ticket.  I think they have some of the best customer service that I have seen in a cloud based app.  I'm very happy with the service and Freshdesk, it has been a tremendous help to our business.  

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Hey guys,

It's always our pleasure to be there whenever you try to reach out to us. But yeah, like I said we are constantly thriving to improve our customer relationships. 

I should thank all of you for showing such amazing participation in our Forums. Truly valued. 

Joe, Thank you for the shout out and all that love 🙂 Please let me know if there is anything at all that we can do for you 🙂 Always happy to help!



Just noticed this discussion after posting one on "Going the Extra Mile"...

I fully accept and agree with what Joe Spratley is saying, however it's timely response (or lack of) from Freshdesk within these forums that annoys myself and quite a few others.

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Really sorry to have left you feeling annoyed. 

We do realise that we need to be more responsive here and trust me, we are taking solid steps towards it. 

Apologies once again, Bradley. 


You're still working on this?

Any reason the support people are not really visible in the forum? It's really where you can show how visible you are.

I always like to post my support requests to the forum, cause then we can solve things in a group and people looking for the same answer doesn't have to bother your support line. It's a win win.