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  • 8 August 2022
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Dear all,

we have various portals within Freshdesk, which we use for internal users i.e. as knowledge base. In order to have a smooth login process, i’d like to add SSO for those portals. The admin configuration has been done and works. If i go the the agents login i see SSO as a button and this works fine.

Now i want to have the same button for my portals, but don’t find any code, which can be used. I’m not a developer, but if i could get the code do create the button and then call the SSO, i believe i can get around with it.

Anyone, who could help me here and send me the necessary code?

Thanks a lot in advance,


6 replies


Dear all, i’d be really grateful, if someone could help me on this topic.


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@rashmi.nag or @alyssia.correa can you point the right person to this query please? :)

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Hi @Udo! Tagging some folks who can help you with this: @Pooja Bernice @hemanth.ramya 


thank you so much for your support.


Dear all, unfortunately i couldn’t resolve that until now. I’m not sure if anyone could help me, but would appreciate, if you could point me into the right direction.



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Hi @Udo,


I believe that you would like to enable SSO for your multiple customer portals that you have in your Freshdesk account. If the different portals are used by your internal users who are not present as Agents inside Freshdesk, then you can setup contact SSO to achieve your requirement here. Setting up Contact SSO is pretty much similar to the setup of Agent SSO. I hope this article helps you to know how to go about it:


SSO settings in Freshdesk are commonly applied to the account. Portal-specific SSO is only available for Freshservice accounts as of now. Hence you see 'Selected Portals' on your Custom Policy page, but you can only select the account as you only have a Freshdesk account.


You won’t be able to setup different SSO for different portals. But the same SSO can be used across all your portals and once you setup the contact SSO, you should be able to see something like this in the login page:


Your internal users/customers who are not present as an Agent inside Freshdesk can use this Customer login button to login to their respective accounts.


Let me know if this is what you’re looking for please.


Thank you!