Suggestions for how this ticket field could be created

  • 15 February 2023
  • 3 replies

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In this example, the customer inputs into three fields, LM/Use/IRN.  They can add as many as they like by adding another line. Can I have any suggestions for how this information could be captured in a ticket form? 

3 replies

May I know how they are captured now if this has been added to a single ticket field I would recommend making use of the option called Dynamic section in the ticket so we can show the possibilities to fill the values based on the drop-down value which the user selects? This can helps on reducing the length of the ticket forms and add the article related to this below. I hope this helps you.

Note: This option is subject to the plan which we are in.

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If I am understanding is right, you want to have three levels of hierarchy. Based on the option the customer is selecting in the First level (LM), the second level field should display… And based on the customer is selecting in the second level field (USE), the third level field should display (IRN)?

Could you please confirm?

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We currently use Jira for all our tickets and are moving them over to Freshdesk. Currently these are displayed to the customer in a row of three blocks which they simply manually enter text into two fields and select from a drop down list for the other. They can then press + to add another line.