Supervisor Rule does not trigger when dropdown field not "set"

  • 1 July 2018
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 I have a supervisor rule that is intended to trigger on 3 conditions

1) The ticket has a status of "Test Status"

2) It is >1 hour since the agent responded

3) The "follow up email" field does not have a value of "Yes"

The "follow up field" is a Yes/No dropdown, and defaults with neither value selected

I have tested the rule, incrementally adding the 3 conditions, and the rule fires fine until I add in the third rule.

Does the supervisor rule not handle null or indeterminate values in fields?

I am unable to set a default valueof "No" on this field, so have set up another rule with the aim of setting the field to "No" where it has a value of "None", hoping that by explicitly defining a "None" value that it will handle it ok.

Would this be better achieved with a tickbox, and does a tickbox default to a value of unchecked/selected?

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1 reply

 I chatted with Freshdesk support, and found a reason/solution.

The dropdown fields default to a null or indeterminate state, so cannot be used in an exlcusive clause e.g. WHERE value NOT "Yes", you would need to say where is is "No" or "None", since an OR can't be used in conjunction with an AND this can't be achieved in a single rule. It can be achieved by using another Supervisor rule to change the value of the dropdown to "No" where it is "None", before the other Supervisor rule is run.

The alternative is to use a checkbox, where the default is unchecked i.e. there is no null or indeterminate value by default. I've tested both, and both work, but have setlled on the checkbox.