Ticket associated with company as a whole - Internal How?

  • 7 January 2022
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Hello all.  We are evaluating FD and it is very nice.  One thing that we can not figure out is how to have tickets assigned to a company as a whole and not a specific contact within the company.  Based on our research this does not seem possible since tickets are tied to an email address.  However, as an IT provider we have many things that we have to do for a customer that should/could be a ticket but for internal reasons.  For instance, contacting them on a proposal, sending them info on a subscription for AV, leaving the site and having a ticket to myself (for this customer) to login later to check the status of a job, etc.  These are things that we do not want the customer to be notified for and also likely not have an SLA as well since they are really “todo’s” for a customer that we need to get done.  We could create tickets to ourselves for this but we want to associate these tasks to a company as a whole...Basically, things we need to do as a whole for this customer.  They are many.

Right now we are using Tick Tick task manager to accomplish this but we really want it under one tool.  It would be great to create a ticket that says “tonight check the status of windows update on station12”.  I will see that ticket under the customer but the customer does not get notified.  

Perhaps the non-free version has something we can use for this?  It seems like this is a limitation of several ticket systems and perhaps I am looking for it to do something it was not designed to do.

Any input would be great.


0 replies

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