Tickets created by email - notification emails not being sent

  • 9 May 2019
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I'm using the Sprout account to set-up and test a helpdesk system.  I have an Exchange mailbox which is fowarding all emails to my Freshdesk email address, with settings to auto-create new tickets and assign to a group.

The group has one agent and one email address.

The agent and group are shown as the notify name in the email notification settings for both 'new ticket created' and 'ticket assigned to group'.

Both notifications are toggled to 'On'.

Emails are forwarded, tickets created, and the ticket assigned to the group, but the email notifications are either never sent or never reply at the agent's inbox.  I can't see anything obvious to explain why.

Can anyone help?

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1 reply

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Not sure if this helps, and not clear if you have set it up. In the notfications in new tickets you have to set up which agent gets a notification for a new ticket, bottom left of the screen. Obviously with Sprout you do not see the languages on the picture below.


It works for us, with similar settings.