Trello/Freshdesk powerup - costs and actions available



COST : I am looking into the Trello powerup for freshdesk. I see that I need to buy the app on Fresdhworks market place ANDI need to have a paid trello account + pay the Trello App 3$/agent. Am I understanding it properly?



  1. Does the power up work for all my emails on Freshdesk?
  2. Can I check items on the checklists in the Trello card directly from Freshdesk?
  3. Can I move a card from a list to another from Freshdesk?


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Hi @Amale Zeggoud, I hope you are doing well today. You can install the Trello app from the Freshworks marketplace and you’d have to pay $3/agent + be in a paid plan in Trello to use it as mentioned here


You’d be able to create cards from Freshdesk tickets. I hope that answers your first question. For the other queries, you can directly get in touch with the developers of the app so that you get all the required details before proceeding further. 


If you need any further help from Freshdesk’s end, feel free to post here and we’d be glad to help as always. Have a good day!

Hi @Keer 

I found my way to this community because Freshdesk Support has failed to answer my (quite simple) question in five month, despite me reminding from time to time.

That question was also related to the topic of Freshdesk + Trello.

When I now searched for that topic here this thread comes up. Again a quite simple question. But you seem to not understand it. And redirect to developers.

We are not yet customers at Freshdesk. We are in the phase of trying to figure out what system(s) and how to design and setup.

I´m just writing this to you to let you know that Freshdesks unabillty to understand and answer these simple questions affect our decision.