Unwanted notification for default Observer-rule "Automatically assign ticket to first responder"

  • 5 November 2014
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When the default Observer-rule "Automatically assign ticket to first responder" triggers, it is allways the agent that triggers it, but still, this agent will get a notification about assignment.

Please don't bug us with unessasary notifications. Or is this intended?

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3 replies

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Whenever an agent replies to an unassigned ticket, the ticket will be assigned to him automatically due to the default observer rule present. 

And, this shouldn't be sending out "Ticket Assigned" notifications to the agent. 

Let me convert this topic into a ticket, so that I can analyse this better and sort it out for you.



Is there a way we can turn of this one notification.

It is a great feature to auto assign to the first responder, but the notification emails and phone notifications do get annoying.


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Hey Kieran, 

Are you receiving a notification email whenever you respond to an unassigned ticket informing that the ticket has been assigned to you?

If yes, do you think it would be possible for you to send out an email at support(at)freshdesk(dot)com along with a couple of screenshots so that we can check this further for you?