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  • 12 February 2016
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Hi, I have read multiple article about the ability of Freshdesk for Multiple Language and I didn't found the good answer. Our company Work in German and in French. We set up the portal as primary language German and set up a secondary language for French. We support more than 10 Product and have Solutions in French and German for those Product. We have only one Email Adress for the support. Hoi did you work to have a support portal in multiple language we wan't work this the "Multiple Product Portal" because to use it we muss give a Email and a other support portal adresse.

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9 replies

Hi Timothee,

We are currently working on 'Multilingual Support for KBase', that is, you will have the ability to create articles in multiple languages from a single portal. We will keep you posted once we roll out the feature. Hope this helps!



Hello, could you please tell me when this feature will be available please ?

I am really interested in it !!!

Thanks in advance 

Hi All, 

The Multilingual Support for Knowledge Base is already out. Here’s what the Multilingual KBase can help you with: 

  • Easier collaboration across teams with all languages being available on one portal 

  • Color coded status indicators to enhance agent productivity 

  • Language specific meta tags to improve content discoverability 

  • Automatic language detection to provide seamless support to your customers speaking different languages

To get started with the Multilingual KBase feature, check out these knowledge base articles here. 

Read more about the feature in the blog post here

Thanks, and can you tell me how it is possible to change ticket fields language as well please ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Thomas,

This update is specifically for Knowledge Base and we have plans to build native multilingual support for ticket fields. However, with the introduction of multilingual KBase on the portal, now it is possible with full portal customization to change/translate the text on the portal based on the language selection.

Is there a tutorial somewhere to d that or do I need a developper ?

You will need our developer assistance to achieve it. I will drop you an email shortly and we can take it forward from there. 

About one year ago, you wrote about native multilingual support for ticket fields. When do you plan to add this feature?

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Creating multiple forms is definitely in our plans for the year but it can now be achieved by portal customisation.You can make use of liquid to specify the language condition and modify field labels accordingly using simple jQuery codes. 

To read about the liquid for multi-language , please click here

In case if you'd like to explore this option, we can connect to one of our trusted partners who can help build forms as a professional service.