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  • 5 June 2012
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How do we change our website URL?

Currently we are using  Can we change this to or how about our own? would be nice.

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8 replies

Hi Matthew

You may use your own custom domain name following the solution article here


Solution article no longer exists at this URL

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Hey Dan, 

You can find the article in here -Using a Vanity Support URL

Let me know in case you have more questions!


Hi Anna,

I followed the instructions and see my cname pointing to my freshdesk domain URL and also checked the mapping via:

However, I still cannot get it to map properly using CNAME. Keep getting the Oops! Google Chrome could not find my domain name.

Any tips?

Ignore my question. Looks like I just needed to clear my DNScache and wait awhile. It works!

Now the error shows the below when I enter the CNAME in my internet browser.

The page you were looking for doesn't exist.

You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved.

Click here to go back to home

Any idea why? When i use the CNAME with \helpdesk, it brings me to the login page.

So is it possible to start a portal with a URL then change it to Is there any limit to changing the URL again in the future?

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@all: Freshdesk now requires a TXT record in addition to the CNAME record to support your vanity URL. There are no limits in changing the URL for your portals but its best suggested to get it right first time. Please note that if you're changing the portal URL, all previously generated links become obsolete.