When company is changed for a contact, old company name persists in existing tickets

When I change/remove the company for a contact ( usually to correct a mistake ) the previous company name is still displayed in existing tickets and ticket lists and not replaced by the new one.

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I too found a duplicate company name. I changed the company name for the contact and then attempted to update each ticket created with the incorrect company name to the correct company name which I could not do.

I had hoped to update the tickets then delete the incorrect company name from Freshdesk to prevent future entries.

I'm also not sure what the results will be if I change the incorrect company to zzDoNotUse... Any insights or work arounds to this would be appreciated.

I see that this issue still persists.


Hi Everyone, 

This is more of a behavioural change rather an issue considering a few scenarios like a customer being moved to a different/new concern or a reseller working for different companies at a time. Hence, only tickets created after the change will be mapped to the new company records whilst the old records will remain the same for reporting purposes.



Dear Sukanya,

I see the reasoning behind this decision and it makes sense.
However, I would still appreciate having a way to correct a mistaken assignment of a ticket to a particular company.


There needs to still be a way to move tickets from one Company to another.  If a company was entered or imported twice with a slightly different name and tickets created under both, there should be a way to merge the tickets from one company into another. 

I understand the logic, but it's incorrect because if the ticket was assigned to the wrong company, then the reporting for that company will be wrong since it has bad data. Also this is bad UX. It doesn't give the users ( us ) a way to rectify mistakes. 

I would really appreciate this be rectified and not simply ignored.

This needs to be broken out very clearly in the Customers tab user interface.

I haven't dug into this to see how it works presently, but the area should be very well handled for Freshdesk to be comfortable with how it works, in my opinion. Merging companies when a duplicate company is created; a person who works (simultaneously or serially) at different companies; merging a duplicate person into one person at one company; changing which person or person-at-what-company is associated with one or many tickets; etc.

This is still not handled well.

We MUST be able to change the associated contacts or Customer for any ticket.

As a workaround, I edited the ticket and assigned it to myself, then reassigned to the contact. It now shows current Company info and all is well.

 I'm adding my "vote" that us Admins need a way to be able to bulk update tickets so they can be moved from one company to another.  As previously mentioned, there is a use case for correcting mistakes.  One could argue a use case is for when businesses merge and a new company is formed.  The newly formed company would prefer to have all their historical tickets in one combined list.

I agree with Patrick Carroll. I would really like to be able to do bulk changes on tickets to move them from on company to another mostly to correct our own mistakes.

we would also really like this to correct mistakes without it impacting our reporting