Workaround for forwarding emails to support address

  • 10 January 2019
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Our support agents use Outlook and frequently get requests sent directly to their emails. When they forward to our support@ email address, Outlook doesn't include the original senders email when the original sender is an internal Exchange user (it only shows their display name). This appears to be by design and difficult to work around in Outlook. Our agents manually type the email next to the display name so it creates the ticket with the correct requester. This is annoyingly manual and we would like to automate.

Has anyone else using Outlook found a workaround for this issue? We notice that if we send the email To the requester and copy the support@ address, the requester's email address shows up in the ticket. Is there any type of automation we can apply in this scenario to create a ticket with the proper requester?

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Freshdesk requires the email address of the original sender to create a ticket for the correct requester. Outlook, by default, sends just the user name with the email header making it difficult for us to spot the actual sender of the email. However, in the past, few of our customers who happen to be Outlook users have benefited by making the change mentioned in the article below:

Please give this a try and let us know if it helps.