Administrative account activation

  • 11 October 2021
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I’ve searched for a definitive answer for this but I haven’t found one as of yet…

Does anyone know how to administratively activate requester and/or agent accounts?

In any scenario with automated provisioning (ours is via Okta, for example), the concept of asking users to do an email interaction to validate themselves seems redundant and unnecessary but I can’t seem to find any place via UI or API to activate accounts centrally

To be honest, I’m not even sure what this does as 99% of our people are showing the “send activation mail” link but nobody seems to have issues accessing the system.  Part of this question is just about getting rid of that spurious link.


3 replies

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Welp, accidentally posted to the wrong subforum but I don’t see how to delete a post.  Feel free to ignore unless you happen to know the answer for Freshservice ;)

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Mods, feel free to delete this

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Hello @mike.culbertson,

No worries, we will have the right team help you here. :)


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